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The Miko 2 Robot

An Advanced Personal Robot for Kids

Select educational topics, concepts, and lessons you want your child to understand better and grow to love. Make learning an immersive and exciting experience for your child!

What MIKO 2 Can Do

Quick and Simple Setup

Quick & Simple
Set Up

Whats in the box

Miko 2 comes with a sturdy case, charger, privacy eye patch and an user manual.

Miko 2 is a friendly robot that uses playful, conversational learning to educate, entertain and engage kids.
Miko 2 is the flagship product from Miko, a robotics innovation lab home to some of the world's leading engineers, mathematicians, teachers and psychologists. After years of development and successful launches in other markets, our team has now brought Miko 2 to North America.
Miko 2 is a trusted gateway to technology that uses playful, conversational learning to educate, entertain and engage children.
Miko 2 was designed to interact with children ages 5 to 10 years old.
You'll receive a box containing the Miko 2 robot, charger and quick start manual. Miko 2 comes pre-loaded with content that gets updated continually.
Shipping is free in the US. Non US orders will be charged a shipping fee of 29-79 USD per Miko depending on the country to cover freight, VAT and duty of the respective country.
Miko 2 is small in size but big on personality. Its dimensions are 6in x 6in x 7in; with packaging, that's about 7.8in x 7in x 8.6in. Outside of the box, Miko 2 weighs just under 2 lbs. With packaging, it weighs 3.85 lbs.
After connecting to Wifi, Miko 2 can interact with your child through voice commands and a simple touch pad. Miko 2's capabilities are as big as your child's creativity: ask our friendly robot to tell a funny joke, help with math or spelling, sing a lullaby or even dance. Explore the Knowledge World app for play-based learning and visit Miko 2's Game Hub for stories, quizzes, animal sounds and more.
Download the app. Then, use the app and your phone's Bluetooth to share wifi details with Miko. Once Miko 2 is connected to wifi, your child can start engaging immediately.
Miko 2 is updated with new content every 15 days. New features are announced almost every month.
For the best performance, use Miko 2 on flat, hard surfaces. Avoid thick carpet or glass, and make sure to keep Miko 2 away from water.
Miko 2 is FCC CE EN71 certified and COPPA compliant.
Your child's data is encrypted and completely protected, and the ownership of the data lies in your hands as a parent.
Miko 2 charges in just 1.5 hours and provides up to 3 hours of active usage or 12 hours of standby use. All battery claims are approximate and based on a mixed-use profile (which includes both usage and standby time) under optimal network conditions. Actual battery performance will vary and depends on many factors including signal strength, the age of the battery, operating temperature, features selected, device setting, voice data, and other usage patterns.
Children can interact with Miko 2 using voice commands and/or the touch panel on the robot's tummy.
Max is a membership program by Miko. When you Max up with your Miko 2 robot, you can access the entire pool of premium content like coding apps, foreign languages and much more. You also receive certain pro-convenience benefits to keep you at ease as a parent!
You get two plans for the Miko Max subscription, quarterly and annually. To know more about subscriptions, go back to the Max tab.
No. However, you do get the option of purchasing the subscription at attractive prices at the time of purchase of your Miko 2.
When you Max up, you can access the complete pool of premium content along with the free apps. Apps for coding, exclusive storytelling platforms and more become available for your little one through Max.
You can add it to your cart along with the purchase of Miko 2 or you can also subscribe from the parental app of Miko 2.
Certainly. Max is ever-growing! With time, you will receive more benefits and added features on your Miko 2 with Max. These benefits will range from additions in premium content to specifically-curated growth journeys of your kid.
Once you Max up, you will be able to view your plan details, next billing date, etc on the Max tab at the bottom of your Parental App dashboard. At the bottom of the screen, you will have the option to unsubscribe.
No. You will not receive a refund if you unsubscribe in the middle of your term. However, you will be able to enjoy maximum benefits till the last day of your membership and will not be charged from the next billing cycle
No, you can also choose to purchase any premium app À la carte from the parent App. Max brings all of them on a platter for you at a fixed price.
Sure. We have a 24x7 support team available on [email protected] and +1 (415) 854-5954. Our team of experts assist virtually with setup, demonstration and walkthrough of all features
Your Miko 2 is covered by a one year Manufacturing warranty that covers it for any manufacturing defects. We offer refund or store credit of your miko products that are subject to valid warranty claims withing 30 days following your initial purchase. For more details, please refer to our Warranty and Return Policy: https://bit.ly/36LA8jL